Geniuses are born.. .. writers are made  

Posted by: Juan Marco

I still recall a striking line from my teacher during my first day in journalism subject in my second year in high school, I'm little passive that time when i heard her said that "geniuses are born but writers are made". Not until I started my first blog that i appreciated that byword from my teacher.

Reading post from my fellow blogger of real day to day experiences, love hurts and felicities, stories of success, political views and even outburst of emotions have made me realized that indeed writers are made. I've noticed that those blogger who has been writing frequently has developed different style in writing in terms of topic selection, presentation of ideas and catching attention of readers. Although grammar usage is a common flaw (including me).

As much important as speaking, writing has been our primary medium of communication. In school you're required to write anything to enhance your writing skills, but you are evaluated as passed or failed depending the outcome of your grind. In work, depending on the nature of your job you are required to write with technicalities, your style will have the consequence of attracting or repelling clients.

Good thing that BLOGGING came to existence, It's a safe haven for those who want to developed their writing skills. Express your emotions, be critical, spread a news accomplishments, learn from others and have a refuge of frustrations and disappointment... Have a past time that develops something in you... BLOG!

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I agree with you, writers can be made and can be developed.

hehehe, ang sarap naman kasi talgang magsulat...
it can be an outlet to release whatever that thing may chafing on you...

keep posting :) panget

I totally agree with the two of you..

I'm new to blogging, but I have read numerous personal and not so personal blogs which really caught my attention and made me smile for a while. ♥

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